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Most of the times it so happens that, you know EXACTLY what your brand needs and hiring a team with a brand DNA like yours, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

It doesn’t work. Believe us. Been there, done that.

Automatically, you are right to question our ability to think like you do, to envision your Brand the way you do.

That’s what we are here to tell you about us. Having worked with Brands, right from an organic tableware manufacturer to a shipping company, we have learnt how to channel our inner karma to think the way our client does.

We plan, analyse, try and test all the Branding and Marketing tools and tricks to create a bespoke, tailor-made, Integrated Brand Communications Strategy. One that will garner REAL, ORGANIC customer love.


Imagine you want to go somewhere you’ve never been before. What do you do? Why, consult a map, of course! But is it enough to just put your finger on the destination?

No. To get there, you need to do two things:

  1. 1. Find out where you currently stand; and
  2. 2. Find the best route to get where you want to go!

It is much the same with a business. You probably started with some goal in mind: a turnover of a few hundred crores, perhaps? Or else, to become a famous brand in your segment? Goals are important, no doubt; but equally important is to know where you stand and what is the best way to reach your goal.

All of this encompasses our flagship solution - The Integrated Marketing Kit

Through the Integrated Marketing Kit, we help you chart the best course forward with 5 important steps.


The first step towards laying the foundation for an efficient Marketing Plan, we research about your Product, your Company, your Brand, your Competition, your Industry and your Customers. Simply put, we find out what you sell…whom you sell it to…how you sell it…and what stops you from selling it more!

Activities covered:

  • + SWOT
  • + Competitor analysis
  • + Audience profiling
  • + Market Research
  • + Product feasibility
  • + Industry trends

Brand Positioning & Design

The results of this Brand Audit serve as the footboard to craft your Brand Identity (who are you?), detail out your Brand Positioning (what should your customers remember you for?) and draft your Brand Communications Strategy (how and what should you talk to your customers about?)

Activities covered:

  • + Brand Identity Design ( logo, website )
  • + Brand Persona Creation
  • + Brand Stationery
  • + Brand Communication

Marketing Strategy

The Brand Audit and the Positioning, serve as the mould in which we cast your Marketing Strategy. One that essentially coordinates messages across channels through which the resulting brand awareness, familiarity, favorability and purchase intent are far higher than using tools in silos. In this step, we chart a plan of action on how your outreach and communications should work in sync with your business goals.

Activities covered (both online and offline) :

  • + Go-to-market Strategy
  • + Aggressive growth and sustenance Roadmap
  • + Content and Visuals Strategy
  • + Internal Marketing Plan

Communication & Promotion

This is the core implementation phase, where we devise campaigns, initiatives, outreach activities to reach your goals, convey your message and deliver the values that you want to offer. Here, we use an efficient mix of both online and offline marketing disciplines, supported with visuals that reinforce what your brand symbolises.

Activities covered:

  • + Thought Leadership activation
  • + Online Promotion activities
  • + Event based one-on-one outreach
  • + Organic engagement campaigns
  • + Paid ads
  • + Influencer driven promotions

Assessment & Improvement

The ultimate, but the most important phase. A real and well-thought Marketing is not just about how your reach your customers or how you promote your brand. It is about how you analyse the outcome of your promotion activities and tune it to get the ‘secret sauce’ for your brand, in the long run.

Activities covered:

  • + Analytics
  • + Market Insights and Data
  • + Reports, Charts
  • + Next plan of action based on current findings

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