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B2B MEP Consulting Firm records a growth of 313% new website visitors in 6 months


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Consistent Electro-mechanical Engineering Consultants (CEC) is a consulting firm based in Dubai, UAE. They specialise in providing MEP design consulting in creating high performance building designs using renewable energy to make built environments more sustainable.

The Client : CEC specialises in designing HVAC, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems for buildings, malls and every type of built environments in a way that it increases their overall energy performance and efficiency. By performance and efficiency we mean, CEC incorporates the use of renewable energy to make built structure more sustainable.

Services: Sustainable Design and Consulting

Target customers: Project managers, architects, project owners with a high paying capacity.

Target geography: Middle East and India

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CEC is a classic case of a core B2B firm where word of mouth and personal relationships steer their business. But, that isn’t enough in the long run. CEC has been operating for over 10 years and to ensure a continuous growth, they needed a dedicated marketing function to reach out to new customers, build leads and nurture existing relationships.

Following are the main Goals:
- To increase CEC’s online presence
- To promote CEC as the go-to brand in sustainable building
- To promote CEC as a thought leader in propagating ideas on achieving high performance in built environment
- To draw organic customer engagement on CEC’s online initiatives

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When we started working for CEC, we knew that there weren’t any efforts taken for CEC’s online presence, and we had to start from scratch. With that as a fact, we devised a strategy wherein we could identify and explore new customer communities apart from the ones that are already in relationship with them.

Marketing is not a function, it is a culture. It is an incremental effort where it is necessary for all the stakeholders to participate evenly. Similarly, when we began planning the brand building approach for CEC, internal activities were rolled out to get all the employees to talk, participate and eventually strengthen the online social proof of CEC.

For CEC’s promotion strategy, an organic incremental thought leadership approach was followed in three phases :

1. Audience analysis
As there was no prior data on the psychology, needs and behaviour of the target consumers, a first hand audience analysis was carried out. LinkedIn was identified as the best place to find these customers and target audience profile were identified and studied for their online behaviour.

2. Brand Education
After the first step, we realised that the target community doesn’t talk about their MEP needs and opinions openly.

Which is why, a hybrid marketing model was chosen for them. Both online and traditional marketing activities were used to educate the target audience about their need for a sustainable building design practitioner and how CEC fits that bill perfectly.

Seminars, meets, events and skillfully crafted blog posts were used to draw their attention and add emphasis on the skill and thought leadership of CEC. Digital PR through guest columns, end-to-end communications management for seminars and conferences were implemented closely with the client.

Our goal was not just to roll out their marketing initiatives, but to be their partners in growth. Right from unearthing which events should they participate in, to whom they should connect with in their business sphere, we made it a point to get into the skin of our clients, move out of our comfort zones and knowledge domains only to implement what would be incremental for the client in the long run.

3. Organic customer acquisition
Various tools, both organic and paid were used to entice the target customers towards CEC’s website and other online assets. Higher focus was laid on organic means of attracting followers through SEO, blogs, articles and organic social media activity. Paid ads were used to bump up their reach to their target audience.

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Client Testimonial

“Ambrosia is true to its name – providing heavenly sustenance. Its wares span walnuts, almonds, saffron, raisins, apricots, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, macadamia nuts, fresh and the name reliable. Sourcing, crafting and distributing the finest dry fruits, nuts, select spices and nutritious food items to a range of consumers, Ambrosia is true to its name – providing heavenly sustenance. Its wares span walnuts, almonds, saffron, raisins, apricots, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, macadamia nuts, fresh and the name reliable. ”

- Sagar Kulkarni, CEC