dazaro fashion house


Brand Packaging & Communication





The Client

As a collection of progressive, creatively-connected designers and brands, the Dazaro Fashion House seamlessly marries contemporary with customary chic, making it an appealing mix of both edgy and classy. Being a women’s wear brand that focuses on constantly shaping new definitions in the world of style, Dazaro specializes in creating statement pieces for trendsetters in all walks of life, across a range of couture and accessories. Dazaro has become a fast-rising go-to name for style gurus, with its bespoke and designer line of products capturing attentions of true connoisseurs of fashion across metropolises.


To help the client in creating a unique brand identity and signage

Strategy and Approach

We approached the thematic moulding of the logo with a view to projecting maturity as well as freshness. Ultimately, to echo the tasteful flair of the brand, the attempt was to convey both grace and modernity, fashioned into a representative font. The ornate elements of the emblem give it a recognizably feminine finesse, while the use of bold structures and curvatures, gaping white spaces and powerful letters gives it a marked crispness that combines unfussy with trendy. Black on white symbolizes the effortless simplicity of the client’s style, while the timeless elegance of monochrome represents their true brand ethos.

The purpose of the signage is to assure a consumer of the refinement of the product and the promise of luxury that the name and essence of the brand stands for. The ornate, carved feel of the signage, and the crisp lines with just a hint of curves suggests the blend of classic and contemporary that is signified in all their works.

Thus, understanding the nature of the client’s work, the unique qualities that make the client stand apart, as well as the sensibilities of its customers, allowed us to craft a logo and signage that would represent everything Dazaro stands for.