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Eco Opportunity is a new-age enterprise whose bedrock is a philosophy that espouses living in tune with the environment. For this group, the concept of ‘eco-friendly goods’ is no mere fad or casual trend – it is a complete way of life, that is both healthier and wiser. The company’s mission is to ‘green’ the world, one person and one business at a time, starting modestly but aiming at a sweeping, holistic effectiveness. If you’re looking to find a renewed connection with Mother Nature and embrace the responsibility with fresh vigour, Eco Opportunity looks to assist entities in reducing their environmental footprint and minimizing toxicity, whether at home or the workplace.


To help Eco Opportunity with a unique identity that encapsulates their brand promise of being close to the nature and making ‘eco-friendly’ a way of life.

Strategy and Approach

For us, it was completely obvious that the brand simply breathes of a wholesome, organic and earthy ethic.

Every element used to compile the form and function of the merchandise was connected with the others. For this, we went with natural materials and concepts, meant to instantly connect a consumer’s thought process to ‘eco-friendliness’. From the basics like paper to each possible collateral, every facet was given a natural, clean feeling. Our brand identity endorses a bright, bold, positive and friendly spirit, with an attempt to encourage potential consumers to approach Eco Opportunity to do their bit for the world we inhabit. This identity is extended to and reflected in every aspect of our work, from the logo to the merchandise.

For the logo, we went with bright green and fluorescent colours, in order to give it a healthy, natural feel. The usage of bright green and neon colours evokes both a sense of freshness and urgency at the same time, while the roundness of the font relates instantly to the globular planet the company wants to make a better place. The element we used in the logo was a bright green leaf, one that fit in with the circular shape of the letters. This fresh leaf reinforces the wholesome, eco-friendly nature of the brand and further cement its brand identity.

We also designed the brochure, giving it a classic white and green look. The white symbolizes peace, purity and cleanliness, all qualities that we should adopt in our habits; while green symbolizes nature, fertility and prosperity, which Eco Opportunity seeks to preserve on earth. Together, they represent the work Eco Opportunity is doing, and exhorts people to work with them to further preserve the environment.

As for the merchandise, we went with jute bags, with the specific coarse feel of the jute fibre. This coarse, natural feel and the strong fibre represents the raw strength and tenacity of Mother Nature. It also underscores the message of using eco-friendly artifacts and avoiding harmful material like plastic.

Thus, we ended up creating a distinct identity for Eco Opportunity, which, from its logo to its merchandise, reflected the values upon which the enterprise was founded.