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Fabreca - An Edgy and Pinpointed Brand Identity Creation for an Organic Tableware Brand


Brand Packaging & Communication





Fabreca is a global brand based in the United Kingdom, that specialises in elegant tableware made from completely biodegradable material, like the Areca leaf bark/spathe. Their buffet of carefully crafted, organic dining products includes dishes, bowls, coffee cups, takeaway packaging, fast-food containers, and more.

The entire range of Fabreca’s food carrying and packaging solutions is designed to to be durable and naturally water-resistant. All products perfectly hold foods and liquids while retaining the flavour and the taste of the substance. Cherry on the cake? They are oven-compatible too!

Through the entire process, right from the sourcing of the Areca leaves to the processing, and the final packaged design, the company stays true to its values of biodegradability. Fabreca believes in maintaining a cyclical economy and improving investment value for the farmers of the country.


Branding Design Strategy and Approach

FABRECA = Fabricated + Areca

The central idea was to incorporate the core features of the company’s offerings, i.e. complete biodegradability, while conveying an organic vibe through the name.

Crafting creative products from recyclable materials requires ingenuity and finesse. The design and manufacturing stages involve extensive research and a dash of inspiration to come up with beautiful and memorable concepts. Crystallizing these into one word, we had ‘Fabricated’.

To make it meaningful and relevant, an earthy selection of words was chosen, those having a direct connection to nature. Environmental awareness, a need to save trees, reduction of plastic usage, and the central ingredient of the high-end tableware products, i.e. the Areca leaves which are used to make the products, gave us ‘Areca’.

Combining the two, we coined ‘FABRECA’ - the brand name that explicitly highlights all the values the company stands for, products that are truly crafted by nature.


The logo element is a single Areca leaf enclosed within a circle that denotes the completeness of the product. In a single glance, it represents the fact that Fabreca is a brand that aims to create serviceable and recyclable foodware for environmentally-conscious and responsible consumers.

The colours of the logo are simple monochromes that do not divert the attention of the viewer from the earthiness of the main product.

The font style used is minimal and edgy in nature to denote the simplicity yet, classy nature of their products. This is also to appeal to the tastes and dining preferences of their target audiences who are based in the UK markets.

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