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Building a Brand Identity and a Brand Persona for an Agri-Finance Organisation


Brand Packaging & Communication





Founded in 2016, Infinity Fincorp is a non-banking financial corporation based in Mumbai and a subsidiary of their umbrella brand - NBHC - National Bulk Handling Corporation, also based in Mumbai, India. NBHC is a leading provider of integrated commodity and collateral management services in India, with prime expertise in handling agricultural products with utmost finesse.

Infinity Fincorp, initially was started as a small subsidiary in NBHC. It has been ultimately given a separate identity where Infinity Fincorp specialises in financial solutions for farmers and entrepreneurs from agriculture, food processing, micro irrigation, greenhouse, horticulture, cold storage, poultry, layer unit, agricultural tools and implements, dairy units, fisheries and mills (rice and sugar). The loans are offered against property or commodity to the SME’s in the agricultural sector at attractive interest rates, with no hidden costs, no intermediaries and hassle free transactions to boost agriculture and sustainable farming.

Target Customers: Entrepreneurs and owners of business specialising in agri and food processing, micro irrigation, greenhouse, horticulture, cold storage, poultry, layer unit, agricultural tools and implements, dairy units, fisheries and mills(rice and sugar).


Target Geography: PAN India

The Problem

Infinity specialises in a niche category of business like agri-finance where farmers, traders in agriculture based products, and other allied business receive customised financial solutions at attractive interest rates, with no hidden costs and simplified transactions.

Branding Design Strategy and Approach

The central philosophy and vision behind Infinity Financial Solutions (IFS) is to support their customers with custom crafted financial solutions that will help them realise their dreams without any hassles. The challenge was to manifest this feeling, this promise and this assurance of association in their logo and the overall fabric of their brand identity.

To achieve this, we first zeroed in on their Brand Idea.

Brand idea signifies the purpose and the passion that drives us towards delivering world class solutions. Brand idea is a convergence of thoughts that we imbibe and a congruence of values that we offer to our customers.

Similarly, IFS believes in letting you chase your dreams while they stand strong to support your ideas, always. Be it crop loan, product marketing loan, trading loan, loan against property or warehousing, they got it all covered. IFS is a leading agro finance aid platform, powered by people who know what you exactly need to fuel your dreams. IFS’s vision is to forge strong, lasting relationships with their customers and build a progressive community.

The Tagline - Sankalp Aapka, Saath Humara

The name ‘Infinity’ signifies boundless opportunities and limitless support. Infinity’s solutions are crafted to cater to the aspirations of farmers and entrepreneurs in agriculture and allied sectors.

Infinity aspires to be their clients’ companion in growth and facilitate success for their clients without any financial burden or hindrance.

Hence the tagline, ‘Sankalp Aapka, Saath Humara’


The Element

While designing their logo, we choose the symbol of infinity along with a ‘people’ icon as their core element. Infinite or infinity is a concept that stands for innumerable and countless or something that has no bounds. Without a limiting number.

The ‘Pin’ icon signifies this country of one billion citizens, one billion dreams, one billion aspirations and one billion opportunities. The symbol of infinity coupled with the pin icon, signifies that Infinity Fincorp supports boundless opportunities and dreams at every step.

The Logo Typeface

Font formats are depictive of the brand’s personalities in ways that fit our distinct audiences and their goals such as: Tall and Bold font to display steadiness, bold personality and firm attitude.

Text styles in Blue to display robust and reliable attitude Emblem in Red to symbolise strength and vitality.

The tagline written in font Roboto, allows you to have visual flexibiilty as it can add visual importance by being placed in a different area than the logo.

Logo Colours

Red implies passion, energy, aggression; warmth and heat. Here the Red colour has been used to draw attention, signify aggressive growth, grit and the passion to serve your customers with your heart and soul.

Blue implies professionalism, seriousness, integrity, reliability, sincerity and calmness. Blue is also associated with authority and success, and for this reason is popular with both financial institutions and government bodies. Given the above qualities, blue has been picked for the logo with respect to the brand personality.