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The Client

Liberty House Group is an industrial and metals company founded in the UK. Liberty Steel is a fully-integrated steel manufacturer and distributor with capabilities ranging from liquid steel production to high value precision-engineered products, sold around the globe. It is one of the premier names in the Steel Industry from the UK.


To design the Annual Report in a way that reflects the values and identity of the brand

Strategy and Approach

For such a distinguished client, we had to craft a design that aptly represented its Brand Identity, Brand Values, and Legacy. For this, we decided to delve into the history of the company.

Liberty House Group was founded Sanjeev Gupta, a young man born in Punjab, educated in the United Kingdom. During a gap year after clearing his A-levels, young Sanjeev worked for his father’s business, selling bicycles in Turkey. This was his first experience in business, and the lessons he learned he carried all the way to Trinity College, Cambridge, from where he launched Liberty House Group, his own venture. Today, after having negotiated profitable deals with the likes of Tata Steel UK and Caparo Industries, billionaire industrialist Sanjeev Gupta is widely hailed as the ‘man who can save the British Steel Industry’.

Understanding this legacy helped us to find the perfect way to design the Report. For the cover, we utilized a ‘Wheel-and-Spokes’ motif, representing the roots of the Gupta Family, in the traditional Blue and White of the Liberty logo. Between each pair of spokes, we portrayed different images of the processes and products involved in the company’s portfolio. And yet, that was not all.

To reinforce the message of being true to your origins, on each page inside the Report, we depicted a small element in the shape of a bicycle at the bottom. It was a symbol of Legacy, of the client’s distinguished History; and it was also a reminder that they had to keep living up to that Legacy even in the future.

Thus, understanding where the client came from gave us insights, allowing us to craft the perfect Annual Report Design for them.