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The Lighthouse Project


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The Client

The Lighthouse Project is a non-profit organization in Mumbai, which aims to connect working professionals and college students with children from underprivileged and resource-starved communities, providing role models and fostering a one-on-one mentoring program in a safe environment


To create the ‘Donate’ Web Page, design the brochure, newsletter, and t-shirts with the theme in mind

Strategy and Approach

The Lighthouse Project is an excellent initiative that aims at providing guidance and mentoring for the underprivileged children. To work for them, we had to understand the symbolism of a lighthouse, what it represents and how it works.

A lighthouse is a symbol, a beacon of hope for the tired sailors who have been on the sea for days. It stands tall and dispels the darkness of the night. It is a welcoming light, one that greets them and guides them to safety...guides them home.

Taking this symbol as our guiding principle, we designed the brochure for the Lighthouse Project. Using the official orange and blue colours of the original logo, we crafted a brochure that was at once warm and hopeful. We used different photos of the students with their families and their Lighthouse Mentors, in order to showcase the good work being done by the Project. The brochure was designed with the intention of encouraging the people to volunteer as mentors and help transform the lives of the students, as well as letting their own lives being transformed by the children themselves. On similar lines, we also designed their newsletter, used to inform all their contacts about the latest happenings in their sphere.

For the t-shirts, we used the lighthouse motif, using the shape of the lighthouse to give out the message, such as, “A Guide, A Leader, Beacon of Light”. Here also we used the brand colours in order to reinforce the message of hope and light.

For the ‘Donate’ Webpage, we provided the options to donate as much as 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, with the minimum limit being set at 500. We provided a space to add a note while donating, if the donor wishes. Lastly, we provided the spaces for filling up personal information followed by a call-to-action saying ‘Donate’. We used a blue background for the page.

Thus, by understanding the symbolism behind the name, and the cause for which they are working, we were able to provide the right designs and serve our client above and beyond their expectations.

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