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B2B Shipping Company gains an organic reach of 66.2% over a period of 1 year


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SHM Shipcare is the largest FRP Boat manufacturer, Life-Saving/Fire-Fighting service provider in India specialising manufacturing and trading of shipping and marine safety equipments. Their core expertise lies in FRP Boat building, life rafts, life boats and other life saving appliances.

  • Life boats
  • Rescue Boats
  • Boat building
  • Ship repair
  • Boat repair
  • Life saving appliances
  • Fire fighting appliances
  • Target customers: Indian Navy, BSF, Cargo companies, ship building companies, cargo ship manufacturing companies, end consumers, Coast Guard.

    Target geography: India, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia.

    icons Problem

    SHM Shipcare is a well known name in the shipping fraternity for their solutions in ship repair and FRP boats in Asia and Middle east. While that was true, there was no marketing function particularly to manage customer relations, or brand outreach on the whole. Marketing is not just restricted to product and service promotion or sales and deals. It is also about retention, relationship building and recall, which was the visible problem area that we identified in SHM.

    Additionally, being a 100 year old company, it was more than necessary to shift their traditional marketing practices to digital.

    • Being a B2B company and specialising in a niche sector such as shipping safety, boat building and life saving appliances, the challenge was to appeal to a wide range of consumer segments
    • Additionally, since the spectrum of consumers for SHM varies from B2B to B2C, the variety in communications, level of information had to be streamlined to suit every type of consumer in the most effective way.
    • icons Goal

      • To establish brand SHM as the leading brand in ship repair, boat building and shipping safety in their target markets
      • To generate business leads for SHM
      • To promote SHM as the go-to brand in marine and shipping safety solutions
      • To promote SHM as a thought leader in propagating indigenous manufacturing of specialised boats and shipping safety equipments
      • To draw organic customer engagement on SHM’s online initiatives through periodic campaigns
      • icons Solutions

        SHM Shipcare has an iron clad presence among its customers and target markets. As the world is shifting gears towards being technologically savvy, SHM could not choose to hold back.

        Communications Approach

        SHM Shipcare is a family run business handed over from one generation to another over a period of 100 years. In 2011, SHM underwent a brand makeover where the intent was to recast SHM’s brand image from a family run business to a leading shipping safety company. As the next step in the line of a brand makeover, their communications strategy had to be rethought. A fresh, vocal, thoughtful and a more knowledgeable B2B communications approach was opted for.

        As there was no prior data on the psychology, needs and behaviour of the target consumers, a first hand audience analysis was carried out. LinkedIn was identified as the best place to find and interact with SHM’s customers.

        Social Media Management

        SHM was equipped with a new website that was modern, clean and elaborate in nature. We started off with regular social media management for SHM by identifying the key areas or themes around which people in this sector are talking about more often. On-page and aggressive off page SEO activity was added to this to boost SHM’s presence and thought leadership.

        Elaborate blog posts based on the current trends in shipping fraternity were used to bolster their motto - ‘Making seas safer’. A combination of content and well thought out campaigns were used to pull traction and increase brand visibility.

        Digital campaigns
        Ocean’s Day Campaign with Afroz Shah

        Afroz Shah, environmentalist and UN Champion of the Earth has taken it upon himself to make the beaches of Mumbai clean. Safe seafaring is incomplete if our oceans are not looked after well. SHM hence, joined hands with Afroz on Oceans’ Day in 2017 to clean up Versova beach. Through this campaign our intent was to bolster SHM’s efforts towards increasing the ocean health and thereby support safer seafaring.

        Campaign highlights

        Twitter - 1106 profile visits in the month of June, 2017 up from 118 visits in May, 2017

        23.4k tweet impressions in the month of June 2017, up from 1.3k in May, 2017

        Website traffic

        Organic traffic increased by 18.6% over the previous month


        25% increase in page followers organically

        Women’s Day campaign

        Seafaring is a challenging adventure in itself, not meant for everyone. But that didn’t stop the brave, young, women naval officers of INS Tarini to venture into it and embark upon a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the globe.

        On Women’s Day 2017, we crafted a campaign to go beyond just celebrating womanhood. As a known and respected brand in the field of Shipping and Marine Safety, SHM wanted to laud the brave women officers for their sheer courage and pure grit as they pursue their dream of circumnavigating the earth.

        To get their story in front of our viewers, we planned a campaign that would reflect their efforts and the difficult times they conquered to reach where they are right now.

        We joined hands with TheBetterIndia, a popular portal in India to bring forth their stories to our viewers. Through this campaign the less talked about stories of the women officers gained spotlight, which helped us cement SHM’s Brand Persona in the minds of their consumers.

        Seafarer’s Day Outreach Campaign with Chirag Bahri

        Seafarer’s Day may sound very fancy and classy, but seldom do we commoners know the pain and hardships involved in a seafarer’s life. One such story is that of Chirag Bahri, who was taken hostage by the Somali pirates in 2010. The experience changed his life. After returning back home Chirag eventually went on to work for the welfare of seafarer’s and their families.

        A live interview followed by Chirag’s felicitation by the Managing Partner of SHM, Mr. Aliasgar Hajee was a part of the campaign. The intent was to understand what happens on the other side of the dock and why shipping safety is of the highest importance while at sea.

        icons Key figures


        Month-on-month improvement in efficiency


        Increase in Reach


        Increase in Sale volumes

        Client Testimonial

        "Team Destylio leave no stone unturned in making your business their own. With design as its main strength, Destylio's attention to detail helped me revamp my company's old fashioned data heavy website into a visually clean and strategically well positioned one.”

        - Mohammed Hajee, Vice President - SHM Group