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The Client

Started by celebrity couple Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala, Swades Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on rural empowerment through initiatives in education, healthcare, small businesses and much more. Based in Mumbai, Swades is involved in rural empowerment through best practices, modern technology and values.

Swades’ mission is to empower 1 million rural Indians every 5-6 years, creating a permanent, irreversible change for good. Their initiatives are centered around a holistic 360-degree development with a focus on four key verticals - Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, and Economic Development. This model empowers their target communities with the capability of creating choices for themselves and their families, allowing them to transform their own lives and ensuring sustainable positive change.


  • To help the target audience, understand, believe, support and participate in Swades’ impact initiatives
  • To spearhead Swades’ online initiatives and garner engagement
  • To create a regular follower base for Swades and increase awareness among the masses towards their rural development initiatives
  • To attract consistent donations
  • Establish partnerships with corporates to fuel CSR programs
  • Promote their impact goals and garner voluntary participation

Approach and Design Philosophy

Swades is a non-profit and a philanthropic organisation with a focus towards creating sustainable development through rural empowerment initiatives. To create a brand identity for Swades, it was necessary to bring their vision and their intent of 360-degree impact to the fore.

The Swirl in the Logo

Logo is the starting point of a brand’s identity, its vision and what it stands for. Swades’s vision towards holistic development is at the heart of their impact initiatives which is why we chose ‘the swirl’ to depict this ideology.

The Swirl in the logo represents and outward impact going from Swades at the centre to their target communities, touching lives in every sphere as the initiatives move outward. Complementing the logo element are the colours - orange and shades of yellow - which depict a fiery energy which gives life and means to a better living to the people around them.

Website Design and Development

To convey these sentiments, we zeroed in on a design format that had sections dedicated to every initiative that they carried out.

Infographics are visual representations of facts and figures that convey the brand’s message with a higher recall value. In case of NGOs, these hold higher importance as donors need to know how their money is being used. Infographics were used on a larger scale in Swades’ communications on website and social media, that highlighted their impact metrics and reach.

While deciding upon the structure of the website, customer journeys were mapped. The content and information on the website were crafted to lead the customer into the website, through their internal pages carrying information about their work and eventually to the donate page. Videos, news and updates were incorporated to lend the proof of Swades’ on-ground initiatives.

Collateral Development

Marketing and event collaterals were developed for Swades’ promotional campaigns bringing out their vision and their intent to carry out sustainable development.

Lakme Fashion Week

A blend of class and minimalism were used to design the entire event collateral kit for Swades. Invites, brochures, support forms and much more.